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Man’s Best Friend From Beginning to End

Man’s Best Friend tells this story in rhyme. Its bouncing rhythm, vivid descriptions, gentle humor, and charming illustrations make it an enjoyable read that will captivate children from 3rd to 6th grade
(7-12 years old) and beyond!

How did dogs become our best friends?

Man’s Best Friend… From Beginning to End, tells the tale of dogs’ evolution from their earliest domestication. It’s also, inextricably, the story of early humans and their need for help in a hostile world.

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When people started to settle in fixed, pre-agricultural communities, they faced a range of threats: reduced hunting ranges, bitterly cold winters, and dangerous predators. But one of those predators turned out to be the best ally early humans could have hoped for…

From their earliest relationship with people 30,000 years ago, one kind of wild creature evolved into the loyal, affectionate companions we know today. They kept early humans safe and warm in exchange for a guaranteed source of food. They adapted to the tasks that were required of them, from guarding to retrieving to herding, eventually losing all the traits that made them recognizable as ferocious wild animals – well, almost all…

Discover how dogs became man’s best friend, and make learning about canine evolution fun!


Man's Best Friend from Beginning to End
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